A 'Vanilla-esque' DayZ Server.

Only Mods that will enhance your gameplay, not change the 'core' aspects of the game. No Battle Royal, No heavily changed Loadouts. We will host server events from time to time and also host events for Streamers with FULL Admin Control.

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We currently have several mods installed that we feel offer the correct balance so as to enhance and improve the Vanilla feel of the game without being too intrusive and change the overall aspects of gameplay .

Air Drops

Supply Drops from Aircraft that fly over Chernarus every hour. Dropped at random locations around the map. You will be notified of the drop co-ordinates in the chat window. But be quick the co-ordinates dont stay around for long!

Adjusted Stamina

Adjusted Stamina levels - currently Stamina is disabled, This will be changed but will not be as harsh as Vanilla. Be wary of being a loot whore, weight still effects how far you can run. When your stamina has gone - just walk at a slower pace and enjoy the beauty of Chernarus.

Infected Hordes

Hordes of 100+ Infected. They will spawn in random locations every 30 minutes, you will be advised of the location in chat, and they will drop High Tear loot if killed. Be wary of ringing that dinner bell though as Survival is not in your favour. This is only for the brave or stupid. If you find yourself in the town when they Spawn, our suggestion is to RUN!

New Buildings and Locations

We are working on bringing in new/currently unused buildings into Chernarus. This is the biggest change to the overall 'Vanilla' experience, we are only doing things that add to and not distract from the gameplay. Currently we have a Fun Fair Located West of Chernogorsk, and lots of little additions that you probably wont notice.

Additional Loot Items

Some of the much loved items are currently missing from the Vanilla game, we have brought some of them back for your enjoyment. Gloves, Balaclava's, Face Masks, Certain Hats, Motorcross Helmets, and if your lucky you might find things to make Ghillie Suits and Wraps.

Admin Full Control

Admin have near full control of the server. We have the ability to Teleport Players to different locations, Teleport all players to a set location, Spawn Items, Spawn Vehicles, Strip players, Announce Player Connection, Announce Kills, Switch between Day and Night. We also have the ability to watch the server from the sky. ADMIN WILL NEVER ABUSE THESE POWERS FOR SELF GAIN.

Get In Touch.

If you want to get in touch about doing an event on our server or have any suggestions for what could be added to the server please use the contact form below. Alternatively click on the Twitter link at the top or bottom of the page and send us a Tweet.

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Server and DayZ News.

Links to news regarding the developement of the server and the game as a whole

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