A 'modded' DayZ Server.

Only Mods that will enhance your gameplay, not change the 'core' aspects of the game. No Battle Royal, No heavily changed Loadouts. We will host server events from time to time and also host events for Streamers with FULL Admin Control.

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We currently have several mods installed that we feel offer the correct balance so as to enhance and improve the Immersion of the game without being too intrusive and change the overall aspects of gameplay .

Use DZSA Launcher to connect

For ease of use we have enabled the ability to use DZSA Launcher by the very talented Maca134 to join the server. Search the server name in the top left and click the play button to install all the required Mods (one time only download) and join the server.
Or Subscribe to the EXTREMEMONKEY MOD COLLECTION HERE and launch via DayZ Launcher or with Mod Launch Parameters.

Winter Chernarus

Adding Snow to the map we all know and love! With snow covered ground and new gloomy low level clouds, Chernarus has become a little more scary! REMEMBER SNOW COMES AND GOES AT THIS TIME OF YEAR

Adjusted Stamina

Adjusted Stamina levels - currently Stamina is disabled, This will be changed but will not be as harsh as Vanilla. Do remember to walk every now and then and take in the beauty of Winter Chernarus.

Snow and Other New Camoflage

Whats the point of having a snowy map if you cant hide and snipe? New Snow Camoflage military clothing is to be found all over the map! New types of camo from around the globe have also made there way to Chernarus to be discovered!


2 Trader camps are located on the map. Having trouble finding those Pliers or Nails to finish off your base come buy and sell your goods in the comfort of a safe Zone. Hang around and meet other players without the fear of a .308 between your eyes. Rubles can also be found loose around the map.
(Not all Items are tradeable)

New Weapons

New and old weapons and ammo will now spawn around the map, these include All-Time favorites like the Winchester and Steyr AUG and some New Kids On The Block like the Saiga Shotgun and M249.

Street Lights

For the Snowflakes amongst us that get scared in the dark. Walk up to a Lamp post and press the 'F' Key to turn on Street Lamps.
Due to buggy lighting system and performance issues in DayZ street lights automatically turn off when another turns on within a couple hundred meter radius.

Fortify Houses and new crafteables

We have added the DayZ+ Mod which introduces many new features for basebuilding with new spawneable tools to assist, plus lots lots more. For full details visit DAYZ+ WEBSITE
Lockers and other crafteable Base items are available. OHH AND BASES CAN NO LONGER BE DESTROYED FROM THE OUTSIDE.

Discord Server

Server discord channel. Come join us in our discord channel and help shape the server going forward. Suggestions are very much encouraged as you are the people playing on the server, we want to give you what you want (With in reason of course)!

Admin Full Control

Admin have near full control of the server. We have the ability to Teleport Players to different locations, Teleport all players to a set location, Spawn Items, Spawn Vehicles, Strip players, Announce Player Connection, Announce Kills, Switch between Day and Night. We also have the ability to watch the server from the sky. ADMIN WILL NEVER ABUSE THESE POWERS FOR SELF GAIN.

Get In Touch.

If you want to get in touch about doing an event on our server or have any suggestions for what could be added to the server please use the contact form below. Alternatively click on the Twitter link at the top or bottom of the page and send us a Tweet.

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Server and DayZ News.

Links to news regarding the developement of the server and the game as a whole


Looking for amazing DayZ Streamers - we highly recommend the below. All offer something different with different styles. You are sure to find something that floats your boat.

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